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Hi there! Welcome to the official PieZoni’s Blog Page. Our goal is to keep you all updated on what we’re up to. Whether that be “big picture” events, updates, expansions, or maybe just our day-to-day activities, we want to incorporate you in our week by keeping you in the loop. If you’re a new customer, or you simply haven’t heard our story yet, allow us to fill you in.

Every great success starts with an idea.  A small idea develops into a plan, into a concept, into reality. Flashback to over 15 years ago, with a restaurant, which we named “Pepperoni’s.” A restaurant based on the simple idea of a family-owned restaurant selling —you guessed it— pizzas. And, yes, pepperoni pizza was most definitely an option on the menu.

Fast forward to 2019 that same idea grew to become the family-owned franchise: PieZoni’s. With over 20 locations across Mass. and R.I., we pride ourselves in continuing our family-owned and family grown company. Our restaurants are locally owned and operated, which means not only do our hard workers become close like a family but you, our customers, share that same experience.

At PieZoni’s we strive to make every your experience nothing short of exceptional, whether you place an order online, dine in, call in for pickup, or have your meal delivered straight to your door. We have always put you, the customer, first, and always will.

So, what goes into giving the customer the best possible experience? Customer service first and foremost plays a huge role in this. We want to get to know you, and you’ll realize that when your 3rd call-in this month becomes the “Wednesday regular” as you just so happen to have the same cashier pick up the phone. Or, when you become more than a familiar face and are greeted by name when you come to pick up your order. At PieZoni’s we believe going the extra mile for our customers makes all the difference.

An equally important belief we live by is ensuring our product speaks for itself. What does that look like, you ask? Well, we use the freshest ingredients. Seriously. We’ve done our research, and we really, really mean that.

When we say our product speaks for itself, that could look a little something like:

  • Tomatoes shipped all the way from California because we’ve done our research on the best and most fresh in the country.
  • Cheese shipped in from Wisconsin (a state particularly known for its top-notch cheese!) because, yeah, we’ve done our research, and we know it’s the best.
  • Pasta imported from … ‘Nuff said.
  • Weekly brainstorm sessions to think of new innovative recipes, menu items, healthier alternatives, you name it.

Don’t you worry, we’ll tell you ALL about our products in our future blog posts! We have some great content planned to keep you updated on all things PieZoni’s so stay tuned for that.

Have a burning question? Reach out to us! We love hearing from you all, and on our contact page you can do just that.

Want to help us out? We recently opened a survey to get to know you, our customers, better! Click here to take our short 2-minute survey.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to continuing to build our relationship with you all.

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